Lying fully clothed on the energy table, simply close your eyes and relax as healing light is pulsed through seven pure quartz crystals to offer incredible healing, balancing and energizing. Gentle music supports the experience as the loving spiritual beings of the Casa de Dom Inácio are invited to work with you and through you for your highest good and highest possible healing. One does not need any particular beliefs to receive amazing benefits from the crystal bed. I invite you to arrive with an open and curious heart.

First timers and those with severe physical ailments are encouraged to begin with 30 minute sessions while their energy field heals, balances and adjusts, working up to longer sessions when ready.


  • Supports Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Well Being

  • Heals, Balances & Energizes the Chakras & Energy Bodies

  • Dissolves Energy Blockages & Limitations

  • Stimulates Spiritual Awareness & Development

  • Rejuvenates the Mind, Body & Spirit

  • Brings Peace, Calm & Joy


  • Deep Relaxation

  • Increased Energy

  • Profound Healing

  • Enhanced Mood & Emotional Well Being

  • Expanded Awareness & Intuition

  • Powerful Meditative Experiences

  • Release of Negative Energy & Emotions

  • Spiritual Insights & Healing

  • Energetic Activation

  • Reduction in Pain & Stress

  • Greater Balance and Peace

  • Improved Sleep

my persoNal experience

“Experiences with the crystal bed vary from person to person and even session to session. Personally, I find each experience to be unique. Some sessions are deeply calming and balancing, while others are highly energizing and rejuvenating. No matter the exact experience I always get up feeling better than when I laid down. Every time I finish a session I feel like I am emerging into a new world, refreshed with a higher frequency and refined vibration. It’s like becoming the light! I am grateful to receive permission to own and operate one of these crystal beds and am proud to offer this experience of profound healing and infinite potential to my community here in southern New Hampshire.” -Jeffrey Warren


Sessions are currently available seven days per week depending upon my client, event and travel schedule. Please click the book now button below to find an open appointment in my calendar.

  • 30 minutes - $45

  • 60 minutes - $80

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